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Here you will find a profound body of knowledge and wisdom that can enrich your experience called life. You will also find a community of people brought together by the shared intent of living a life full or purpose, love, wisdom, equanimity, joy, generosity, wealth and peace. To learn more about Ocean of Wisdom click here.

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Video Title Language
Angeleitete Meditation von dem Guru-YogaDeutsch
Awakening From Your Recurring DreamsEnglish
Transforming Obstacles Into OpportunityEnglish
Service und SpiritualitätDeutsch
Erleuchtete Führung - Live von Serenity RidgeDeutsch
A propos de la culpabilitéFrançais
When Everything Breaks DownEnglish
Le quintuple enseignement de Dawa Gyaltsen.Section 1/8: Introduction #1Français
Easing the Pain of SeparationEnglish
Can You Look for a Buddha Instead of Looking for a ProblemEnglish
Sherab Chamma Heil-Praxis - Juni 2009Deutsch
Guided MeditationEnglish
Beyond our identitiesEnglish
The Role of Playfulness in MeditationEnglish
How to Process LossEnglish
This Is a DreamEnglish
l'importance du repos dans la pratique de la MeditationFrançais
Letting go in Order to GrowEnglish
Heilen mit Liebe und Weisheit - Okt. 2009Deutsch
Dienen - Mitgefühl erzeugenDeutsch

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Special Anniversary Teaching

Our special anniversary teaching poll has finished! Here are the results:

Poll Results

The most requested topic by the community was "Enlightened Relationships with Animals", followed by "Divinities and Enlightened Beings" and in third place "The Attainment of Rainbow Body".

Thank you all for voting! We will soon post a video of the winning topic!

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