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Video Title Language
Wisdom in absenceEnglish
The True Antidote for AngerEnglish
Recognition and presence in the absence of activityEnglish
Observe yourselfEnglish
Anger and Social ChangeEnglish
How to Express Negative EmotionsEnglish
Every Appearance is a SupportEnglish
The War Inside YouEnglish
Les emotions:une porte vers la découverte ou sur l'illusion?Français
"Express Yourself!"English
Who are you as you fall asleep? Dream YogaEnglish
Finden Sie Frieden mit dem TodDeutsch
Die Vereinigung der drei Räume — Teil 1Deutsch
Awakening in Response to ChallengesEnglish
3 Dragocjene PiluleHrvatski
Heilen durch Gewahrsein auf wertvolle Winde — BelehrungenDeutsch
La Guarigione del Suono tibetana (5 sillabe guerriere) - Parte 6/7: DZAItaliano
La Guarigione del Suono tibetana (5 sillabe guerriere) - Parte 5/7: RAMItaliano
La Guarigione del Suono tibetana (5 sillabe guerriere) - Parte 4/7: HUNGItaliano
Meditating on Clear Light While We SleepEnglish

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Special Anniversary Teaching

Our special anniversary teaching poll has finished! Here are the results:

Poll Results

The most requested topic by the community was "Enlightened Relationships with Animals", followed by "Divinities and Enlightened Beings" and in third place "The Attainment of Rainbow Body".

Thank you all for voting! We will soon post a video of the winning topic!

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