About Ocean of Wisdom

Ocean of Wisdom is a place where people from all over the world can come and learn a genuine path to wisdom and enlightenment. Here any person with an internet connection and a sincere motivation can find within themselves the key to joy, love, compassion, equanimity, wealth, creativity, generosity, peace, wisdom and all the positive qualities that self-arise from a universal common origin. This is not a New Age concept, as it is the initiative of Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a living Master from the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet, unbroken and over 18,000 years old. This tradition is called Yungdrung Bon, or Drungmu Gyer in the ancient language of Tagzig and Zhang Zhung. The methods of this tradition have been proven and have been of great benefit to many beings across the ages. It is our intention that this project will stand for many generations to come and that the clarity of the tradition survives its transition into the western world. Ocean of Wisdom is a Ligmincha International project, its spiritual vision and direction is guided by Rinpoche, and its technological development is a donation of Fragatta. How did this arrangement come to be? In 2012 a young student from the Mexican sangha offered a website to Rinpoche to aid fundraising, but he was asked to do a different one instead, the one you now see. The project aims to blend the power of technology with the knowledge and wisdom of this ancient tradition. It is a new way to unite the worldwide sangha (community of practitioners), and to bring the teachings to the modern information era under the guidance and blessings of the tradition, its living masters and its entire historical lineage.

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